Matthews: Obama needs to ‘pork-out’ the jobs bill


Let me finish tonight with a simple proposition. It’s how President Obama can get Congress to pass a jobs bill. Call it “porking out.”

Got it? Bet you do already.

All he has to do is combine the projects that all the members of Congress have asked for in their districts - all the dams they want fixed, the road projects, the sewer and water systems that they want funded. 

Now take all these projects - skip the bad apples, the wasteful stuff - and put them all together in one big fat bill - a wedding of pork projects - and send it up to Capitol Hill. 

Now, alert every media outlet in the country - every blogger - about what’s at stake in each little hamlet in the country. All these projects - pet projects in some cases - that will now finally get done and put local folk on the job - getting a payroll - getting it done.

Okay, I’m calling it “porking out” because that’s what it is. It’s doing jobs that people at the local level want done.

But, you know what?  At least it’s something.  It’s putting people to work doing jobs that people - dare I say the word voters -  want done and will “see” being done. 

Voters will see people being put to work who were previously unemployed. How’s that for an improvement in reality? And, you know what, it would be hard for Congress to vote against it because these are the projects that they have been pushing for themselves - drafting bills to get funded, talking up in their newsletters and in the local press.

I didn’t get this idea from an old ward healer, somebody out of “The Last Hurrah.” This is my idea.

So, why not Mr. President? Why not “pork out?” Put a jobs bill out there that they’re already on record supporting.  Make them an offer they can’t refuse - or can’t without looking even more politically constipated than they already do.           

Barack Obama

Matthews: Obama needs to 'pork-out' the jobs bill