Matthews: ‘Now we move on’


Let me finish tonight with the state of play on “birtherism.”

We have the original, long-form birth certificate.  The president presented it today. It contains nothing inconsistent with the short-form birth certificate. So what do we know?  We know that certain people have an attitude about Barack Obama being president of the United States.  

The one good thing to come of this saga is this, this Roach Motel that the issue has created.  The people who announced themselves as birthers are what they are.  And, as with the Roach Motel, those who check in don’t check out.

They showed themselves for what they are.

So now we move on.  There are those who will continue the search to prove that somehow Barack Obama was never elected president authentically. This is an important cause for these people. They need to show, not that Obama disagrees with them on issues like foreign policy or government spending issues or taxes. It’s vital that he not be legitimately elected.

They need to find some evidence on which they can go to sleep at night, some way to get it out of their heads that, yes, Obama, was actually elected president of the united States.
So this will beat on and it will be a measure of how far we’ve come as Americans and how far some need to go.   I am happy that throughout this craziness the majority of Americans were with America on this and not with those who really don’t get it when it comes to what we stand for.

Birthers and Barack Obama

Matthews: 'Now we move on'