Matthews: ‘Negativity spouts negativity’


It’s hard to go positive when your movement is based on a negative.

Isn’t that the problem with the tea party?   All their passion and energy, their very roots, are built on a “not” - “not” liking Obama, “not” liking taxes, even on the wealthy, “not” liking the government, “not” liking government period.

This is the Tea Party’s problem - because it’s the very “reality” of this movement.  It’s not “for” anything.  So why would it be “for” a candidate?  It doesn’t trust politicians, so why would it trust anyone who is a “politician?”

And this is why we see the utter failure of the Tea Party set to settle on a presidential candidate to remove Mitt Romney from his frontrunner’s status.  

Oh, they have candidates, all right; they have one every month!  They loved Trump - for a week or two; loved Bachman, but that was a summer romance then they swooned for Perry before he swooned over in debates. 

Now they like Herman Cain. But with him they have a problem.  It’s not “him” exactly; it’s the fact that he’s the last one standing.  How can they embrace a guy they might get stuck with?

This is serious.  We’ve got a loud political movement that’s proving itself incapable of speaking a clear message on the most basic duty of a political movement - to locate, advocate for and elect someone to run the government.

And the reason is that they, the Tea Party crowd, really don’t like leaders.  They don’t trust the person who stands in front of the room and says, “Make me your leader.”  

No. They much prefer the loud guy in the back row waving his hand angrily, the guy who doesn’t like what’s going on - even in this room where nobody likes what’s going on - anytime, anywhere.

And because that guy in the back row, the one always ready to jump up and yell down something someone just said, is the one really calling the shots in the tea party - it’s really hard to find someone to stand up front of the room and try and lead.

Negativity spouts negativity.  And that’s why the last man standing in the tea party world, Herman Cain, will not be the last man standing.  And why Romney - a candidate who would never attend a tea party meeting in his life - will.  


Matthews: 'Negativity spouts negativity'