Matthews: ‘This is a nasty campaign’


Let me finish tonight with this pincer strategy being employed by the Republicans.

It’s got two flanks.  From the left comes this move to limit voting by minorities.  It’s a state-by-state maneuver to reduce the number of votes cast by African-Americans by eliminating early in-person voting, by “scrubbing” rolls of registered voters and, most viciously, by demanding the presentation of government-issued, photo ID cards.

The Republican leader in Pennsylvania was open about the purpose of this last tactic: it’s purpose is get Romney the electoral votes of Pennsylvania.  It’s as simple as that.

The other pincer is the relentless push against white working class voters is to get them angry at welfare recipients who received cheques without working.  Get them furious at President Obama for doing it.  Get them voting Republican with a vengeance.  Throw in a slur by the Republican presidential candidate about not needing to show his “birth certificate” and regular hugs of number-one “birther” Donald Trump and you’ve showed your colors.

This is a nasty campaign: cut back the black voter; anger up the white vote.

It is tribal, it is un-American.

It is nothing to be proud of, a strategy that will go into the history books for all the disgustingly obvious reasons.

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Matthews: 'This is a nasty campaign'