Matthews: ‘If a person wants your vote, he should ask for it’


Let me finish tonight with this.

Obviously, my main interest in the convention just held in Charlotte is political. I noticed a trio of very good things down there.

First and foremost, I saw a good number of politicians speaking up for the President. My favorite examples were Governor Deval Patrick and Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. Both were excellent. They delivered barn burners for the President. He should have them burning with speeches from here to November. They should be swarming the country with the good word on Obama. 

Second, I heard the President make clear that he, not the other guy, is president. Mitt Romney has been counting on Obama to be vulnerable. He’s been counting on the American presidency to be vulnerable and for him, the challenger, to be in the catbird seat. Last night, President Obama made clear that being president is not only a big deal but a much bigger deal than a challenger who would like very much to be him. “I am the President.”  I consider it the best line of the night.  

Third, he asked people to vote for him. This is something you need to hear directly. If a person wants your vote, he should ask for it! It’s something I learned from Tip O’Neill all those years.  

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Matthews: 'If a person wants your vote, he should ask for it'