Matthews: Holder trial looks like ‘stop and frisk’ on Capitol Hill


Let me finish tonight with this: there’s something unseemly about the way certain Republicans are going after Attorney General Holder.

They’re demanding he empty his pockets, demanding he submit himself to a body search by a member of Congress who, even before he himself took the oath for this Congress, promised to spend his entire time using the subpoena power to hurt Obama.  

As Darrell Issa put it: “I want seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks,” and “We own everything.” Armed with the subpoena power, he was going to spend his time hauling Obama people before him. 

So here we go: a Party in a Congress that does just about nothing to create jobs or to help those without them, deciding that the best way it can do its job is to shower the Obama administration with subpoenas, make headlines and hopefully skewer someone close to the President himself — in this case, Eric Holder. 

It smells like Issa has one goal: get Eric Holder up there under the lights and go through his pockets. It looks like “stop and frisk” — the mere act of which shows who’s the boss, who gets to let you go on your way, who says you’re clean.   

That’s what this subcommittee of Issa’s is up to: trying to make noise so people will think you’re doing something up there on Capitol Hill, which everyone knows they’re not.