Matthews on having Palin, Bachmann, Trump at the RNC: ‘Let ‘em all speak!’


Let me finish tonight with this. 

I see a little friction developing over whether former governor Sarah Palin should speak at the Republican National Convention. I say, “Let her speak!” Let her bring down the house with that history lesson of hers about how Paul Revere did that midnight ride of his to keep the Brits from taking away our guns. 

I say, “Let ‘em all speak!” 

Let’s get U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann up there to launch her crusade against “anti-American” Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives and those Muslim Brotherhood agents in the office of the Secretary of State. 

And let’s not limit this.  

Newt deserves a turn. He can remind us how women shouldn’t serve in combat, unlike men who he says are natural fighters because we have a God-made urge to go out and hunt giraffes. 

And how about having Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, Iowa Congressman Steve King, and Donald Trump give another chorus of the latest “birther” theories?

And Allen West, who says there are 78 to 81 Communists among the Democrats in Congress.

And Sharron Angle to explain how we can use “Second Amendment remedies” if we don’t like what the other speakers have to say. 

And Christine O’Donnell, to deny the “witch” charge. 

And what about those other folks on the right? Let’s hear Frank Gaffney explain why the government is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, starting with the people around George W. Bush. And Glenn Beck to call the President a “racist” again. And Rick Santorum to say again that Mitt Romney is “the worst Republican in the country” to run against Obama. And Rush, the underwater walrus, to do that dance of his.  

And when all these voices are serenading us from every corner of Tampa, when the country can hear all the crazy cacophony of the right, when they can hear the loud screeching of bedlam on primetime, they will know what awaits them should this election take their turn.

And what could we call this symphony of the absurd? How about “Caveat Emptor”? Let the buyer beware, because this is the bedlam that could, just five months from now, be ruling the republic.