Matthews: ‘God Bless the United States’


Let me finish tonight with what Tom Donilon, the president’s National Security Advisor said yesterday.

He was on Meet the Press, talking about getting Osama bin Laden. He said the people who did it don’t serve a political party or only one president. They serve whosever in office.

“It is not a matter of partisanship… That the United States about its goals has persistence and determination, that the United States does what it says it’s going to do.”

The United States.

That’s a great way to speak about a mission carried out by the American people through their government. The United States, not just the American people, or just the government doing something on own, but here it was people operation through their government to pursue a mission.

The United States. Great phrase; we ought to use it more often.

It’s been a joy for me to see people I watched progress in political life now perform at such a high level of public service and to do it with fine values, a patriotic commitment to the country and what it stands for.

I meet Bill Daley, who is White House Chief of Staff, and Jack Lew, who’s the U.S. Budget Director, or Tom Donilon, who’s coordinating national security matters, and I’m simply proud of what they’re doing. They have fine values - they aren’t ideologues but solid professionals who want this country to make it!

They care about the country the way people sitting out there far from power do. They are not big-shots or grandstanders but public servants.

What got me to saying this tonight is the most obvious thing in the world - the thing the events of last Sunday inspire me to feel. I love it when our country is served the way the United States should be served, when we achieve the mission and in the right way.

I wasn’t around on VE Day or VJ Day so this is a new feeling for me - this confirmation that the United States - us, our government serving our country’s mission - can achieve what it sets out for.

So tonight, I say - not for the last time - “God Bless the United States.”