Matthews: Do we need Newt in the race?


Let me finish tonight with this strange entry of Newt Gingrich into the Republican presidential race. Do we need this? Is this what American needs or wants in our presidential debate?

Newt has this “Nazi” thing in his head.  Everybody’s a “Nazi.” Everybody who disagrees with him and anyone he’d like to take down politically.  “Nazis!”  That’s what he calls them.

In 1983, almost three decades ago, he referred to the Democratic Congress as “the Chamberlain liberal Democratic line.” Got it?  Got the message?  If you don’t think the United States should be toppling governments we don’t like, you’re a Nazi appeaser. 

When Ronald Reagan went to meet Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985, he called the meeting as “dangerous” as Munich. There he went again, this time warning that Ronald Reagan was about to join the “Nazi-appeasers.”  Now, there’s a low blow.

So we’re “all” Nazi-appeasers. 

Here’s Newt, the man who threw his helmet into the presidential race really throwing the Nazi dirt at all his countrymen that year.  Ready for this?

“Adolf Hitler must somewhere be burning in hell, wishing he had lived two generations later, so he could manipulate Americans instead of Englishmen.”

In 1994 he took a break from calling Democrats “Nazi appeasers” to say they were guilty of having that Susan Smith send her car into a lake to drown her two children. “The only way” to change things from this “sickness” he blamed on the Democrats was - presto - “to vote Republican.”

Now this same man is back with more - now he blames Democrats, not for being “Nazi-appeasers” but for actually being as bad as Nazis.

“The secular socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany.”  

He’s accused the president of something weirder. He’s not a Nazi. He’s a secret sympathizer of the Mau Maus, the Kenyans who overthrew white colonial rule. He calls it his “accurate predictive model” of the president’s behavior.

Anyone who wants this voice coming from the Oval Office must “really” be in a bad mood.


Matthews: Do we need Newt in the race?