Man of my words


By David Shuster, Hardball correspondent

Last week I wrote a column about the Michigan-Ohio State football game.  I taunted the evil Buckeyes, pointing out that most will work for a Wolverine some day.  I also noted that most of the Buckeye faithful lack civility.  However, I also declared that if Michigan lost to Ohio State, I would eat my column.

Saturday’s game was one for the ages.  Unfortunately, my beloved alma mater, the Michigan Wolverines, came up a bit short.  They lost to Ohio State in Columbus 42-39.

I am a man of my words, so today I ate them.  It was not a pleasant experience.  But, losing to OSU wasn’t exactly pleasant either.  None the less, I salute the Buckeye faithful on your victory. 

Here is the recipe for the dish on the video:

1)        Taunt the buckeyes mercilessly in a column (using simple words so OSU fans can understand them)

(2)        Declare that Michigan will beat OSU.

(3)        Watch Michigan lose to OSU.

(4)        Print out column.

(5)        Shred paper.

(6)        Add broken crostinis, oil, and vinegar.

(7)        “eat”

Click here to watch me eat my eat my own words.

Man of my words