Let Me Start: Former Christie aides fight subpoenas


COURT DATE:Two former allies of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both key figures in the scandal over lane closings at the George Washington Bridge, asked a judge Tuesday to lift subpoenas ordering them to turn over text messages and other documents.” (NBC News)

TROUBLE IN IOWA FOR CHRISTIE: “More than half of Iowans disapprove the way New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has handled “Bridgegate,” according to a new poll. Fifty-seven percent of voters in the first-caucus state disapprove of the way Christie handled the controversy, according to a poll by the Des Moines Register published Tuesday.” (Politico)

FLORIDA, FLORIDA, FLORIDA: ”Democrat Alex Sink and Republican David Jolly are vying to win a special election in Florida’s 13th congressional district, with polls showing a virtual dead heat. At last count, outside groups on both sides had spent $9 million in mostly negative ads, with nearly 200 political commercials airing on TV each day. That’s more than the previous incumbent, Bill Young, spent on campaigns in the entire 33 years before his death, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The race will offer a key signal ahead of this fall’s midterms about the effectiveness of GOP attacks over Obamacare. And it offers a case study of how national organizations that often have little knowledge of, or interest in, local concerns are increasingly dominating American political campaigns.” (MSNBC)