Let Me Start: One week to go


Hurricane Sandy – Many areas of the Eastern Seaboard are under water, New York has ground to a halt, and now the recovery is under way. And it shows one key thing about the presidential election: that President Obama has a job to do, and Mitt Romney doesn’t. Nothing is more important right now for this president than to do the absolute best job it can in the wake of the storm – it’s  unique opportunity for the president, and it could win him the election.

Back in 2011, Romney suggested FEMA, the federal agency that overseas disaster relief, should be privatize or handed off to the states.

How scared is Mitt Romney that Ohio won’t go his way? The Romney campaign is running a deceptive ad in the Buckeye state saying – wrongly – that Jeep is shipping jobs to China. It’s flat out not true, and it smacks of desperation. The Obama campaign answered with its own ad, and Bill Clinton fired back like only Bill Clinton can. So is that why Team Romney is advertising now in  Pennsylvania? Because they don’t like their chances in Ohio?