Let Me Start: NRA an ‘insane’ group

Wayne LaPierre, fan of Richmond, VA and "Project Exile."
Wayne LaPierre, fan of Richmond, VA and "Project Exile."
Reuters/Larry Downing

Gun Fight: NRA executive director Wayne LaPierre continues to stand in the way of sensible gun safety laws, like universal background checks. And he had bizarre things to say about mental health in this country. The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman called the NRA an “insane” organization, but it’s not exactly news when a progressive criticizes LaPierre’s group. The big question is whether the Republican Party will continue to follow LaPierre and put Guns Over People.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists are again out in full force over a White House photo showing President Obama shooting skeet.

Can New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez survive the scandal that’s engulfing him?

Newly sworn-in Secretary of State John Kerry had a busy first weekend. Meanwhile, now that Scott Brown has opted out, one of Mitt Romney’s sons has his eye on Kerry’s old Senate seat.

Republicans may have given up their plans to rig the electoral college system so they can win presidential elections, but they’re getting behind another plan to do away with the system altogether.

And congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, winners of a very entertaining–and very dramatic–Super Bowl XLVII.