Let Me Start: How real a threat?

north korea
north korea

North Korea continues to threaten the United States, and it vowed to re-start its nuclear program, but how serious are we to take their saber rattling? Do they have the capability to back up their threats? And is the American homeland at risk? The Pentagon is sending missile defense to Guam, just in case.

Connecticut lawmakers approved the most comprehensive package of gun safety laws in the country, and President Obama heads there Monday. Yesterday, the president heard from both sides in Colorado, another state marred by gun violence. Also, Maryland passed strict new gun safety laws, too. But the flip side is that more states – 36 of them – have proposed measures that would relax their gun restrictions after the Newtown school massacre.

Meet the pro-gun group that’s pushing even harder against gun safety laws than the NRA.

Would Ronald Reagan have bucked the Republican party on gay marriage? His daughter thinks so.

Will Democrats win back the House? Will Republicans take the Senate? As President Obama raises money for Democrats, John Harwood writes that the chances of either scenario are low, and that the status quo will likely remain in place.

Politico offers its viewer’s guide to Hillary Clinton fever. And James Carville is lending his support to a PAC trying to get her to run.

Look who’s headed to New Hampshire…

Mark Sanford previews his attack line against Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Finally, GLAAD will honor former president Bill Clinton.