Let Me Start: GOP Civil War


TPM’s lead story this morning is about the deepening civil war for the heart and soul of the Republican party. It’s Karl Rove versus the Tea Party and that’s a fight Democrats are happy to just sit back and watch. The biggest loser in that fight? Republicans who want control in the Senate.

Looking for a fight? President Obama tells House Democrats that he will confront Republicans over taxes. The president says he would relish a debate with those in the GOP who say Congress has already done all it can do to get more tax revenue from corporations and wealthy individuals.

First Lady Michelle Obama will attend the funeral of the Chicago teenager killed a week after she performed at President Obama’s Inauguration.

Roman Catholic bishops have rejected the latest White House compromise over health insurance coverage for contraceptives.

Republicans in Michigan have ditched plans for a trans-vaginal ultrasound bill that would require any woman seeking an abortion to have that procedure first. Perhaps they realized what a disaster a similar bill was for Republican last year in Virginia.

Politico picks up where our story last night left off – with a closer look at the politics of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s weight struggles. Christie, by the way, is enjoying record-high approval ratings in a new poll.

Hillary Clinton is the most popular political figure in the country.