Let Me Start… embracing gay marriage


Democrats are ready to include a plank in their official party platform embracing the rights of gay couples to marry. The move reflects President Obama’s evolution on the issue – he said back in spring that same sex couples should be allowed to marry – but it carries with it some political risk, especially if the platform calls for the federal government to prevent a state from determining its own marriage laws. After all, this issue drives older, conservative voters to the polls. On the other hand, the nation as a whole is also evolving on this issue, and the acceptance of same-sex marriage is fast becoming the mainstream.

Mitt Romney’s International Insult Tour continues in Poland, where he’s keeping an eye on swing states back home with sizable Polish populations – Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Politico’s Roger Simon says Romney just should have stayed home.

A Romney press aide called reporters to apologize for telling them to “shove it” and worse after the candidate refused to answer questions from the press in Poland.


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Let Me Start... embracing gay marriage