Let Me Start: Crossing the aisle

Today's jobs report was very good. So what does President Obama do with it?
Today's jobs report was very good. So what does President Obama do with it?
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Obama is preparing to meet the House Republican conference, but after four years of near vitriol towards this president from Republicans, how much can he actually achieve? And are House Republicans still wary about appearing too close to this president, when they know they could face Tea Party challenges on their right? Meanwhile, on the other side, Politico’s big question this morning is how serious is President Obama about achieving a grand bargain with the GOP?

The Makings of a Compromise? Don’t count on it. Both the House and Senate are set to release budget plans. And while the two plans will be light years apart, it’s the first time in four years both the House and Senate have put forth budgets. And that alone is giving rise to optimism among Washington’s most hopeful that a final document could be crafted somewhere between the two plans. But Paul Ryan’s budget plan will cut taxes on the wealthy while likely raising the burden on the middle class, something that President Obama and Senate Democrats won’t stand for. Didn’t the president win last year’s election? By the way, Talking Points Memo points out that Ryan has done a 720 degree turn on Medicare.

The White House is stepping up its crackdown against Chinese cyberwarfare. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon delivered a forceful speech demanding an end to the cyber attacks on U.S. businesses.

Is the next battle on the war on women the governor’s race in Chris’s home state of Pennsylvania?

Once again, Minnesota led the nation in voter turnout in the 2012 election. And the state with the worst record may surprise you, considering it is home to one of the candidates on the presidential ballot. How did your state do?

Picking a Pope: The College of Cardinals has begun its conclave that will elect the next leader of the Roman Catholic church. The conclave could take several days before we see the white smoke.