Let Me Start: Bye-bye Bachmann

Credit: teambachmann YouTube
Credit: teambachmann YouTube

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann is calling it quits: She will not run for re-election in 2014. Bachmann made the announcement in a video released early this morning. Recent polls showed her in a dogfight with her 2012 opponent, Democrat Jim Graves. And she’s been pestered by a fundraising investigation into staffers from her failed presidential campaign. Bachmann, of course, is one of the most extreme members of the House. And her rise to national prominence coincided with an appearance on Hardball where she suggested her colleagues in Congress should be investigated for anti-American views.

A new campaign ad for Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell tries to link President Obama to the IRS kerfuffle, and the illegal actions of Richard Nixon using Nixon’s own voice. Trouble is, there is no evidence that the White House ore the President had anything to do with the actions of the IRS in Cincinnati, but that’s not stopping McConnell.

Politico looks at the successes of the first three months of Chuck Hagel’s tenure as Defense Secretary.

A new poll finds that Americans don’t want spending offsets when it comes to disaster aid. The message? It’s OK to spend tax dollars when it comes to disaster relief.

Congress may be dysfunctional, but there’s one thing they’re good at: Naming post offices.