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The Way Forward

President Obama capped off his surprise trip to Afghanistan by announcing we’ll be staying in country for many years after the war officially ends in 2014. The President called it a “new chapter” but The New York Times calls the president’s speech a missed opportunity.


Yesterday was a stark reminder of the power of the presidency. And the contrast between a president and his challenger. After months where Mitt Romney was top dog in a field of Republican minnows, the political scales have shifted as he confronts President Obama.


Did social conservatives pressure the Romney campaign to freeze out an openly gay staffer? Romney foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell quit yesterday, saying the campaign sidelined him in a busy week in international affairs.


Mitt Romney came to New York and tried to win the endorsement of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who President Obama is also trying hard to court.


Finally, Newt Gingrich will officially quit the presidential race today. But he’s not giving up on that base on the moon.


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