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Jobs Report Friday

It’s the most important number of the election year, and this morning the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. The economy added 115,000 jobs, fewer than analysts expected.


The New York Times takes a look at why the economy is doing better on this side of the Atlantic than in Europe. And it credits a series of smart policy decisions made by the Obama Administration and its predecessor. But politically speaking, we’d be in a similar boat as Europe if we listened to some of the right-wingers calling for “austerity”.


China Crisis: There may be a breakthrough in the delicate case of that blind Chinese dissident – a case that’s straining Washington’s relationship with China: Beijing says he may apply to study abroad. And the Obama Administration’s handling of the situation has – predictably – become fodder for Republicans.


President Obama heads to Virginia, where a new Washington Post poll shows he’s leading Mitt Romney by seven points.


Politico takes a look at what has become a very public race for the #2 spot on the Republican ticket.


An Electoral Tie? It would be a nightmare scenario in the country but it’s entirely possible. .. A 269-269 tie in the electoral College.


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