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Election Day in Indiana, North Carolina and Wisconsin

Sen. Richard Lugar’s days in the Senate may be numbered. The six-term Republican faces a stiff primary challenge by Richard Mourdock on his right, and recent polls suggest he’s headed for defeat. It’s the latest example of the Republican party squeezing out its moderates and replacing them with Tea Party types, but the good news for Democrats is that Mourdock is running even with Democrat Joe Donnelly, which would make Indiana of all places a competitive Senate race come fall.


In Wisconsin, Democrats are choosing the candidate who will face Gov. Scott Walker in next month’s recall election. And big labor’s first choice isn’t expected to win.


And in North Carolina, a measure banning same-sex marriage and civil unions is likely headed for victory.


And in the presidential race, Rick Santorum finally endorsed Mitt Romney but it was hardly a ringing endorsement.


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