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The Name for his Pain – Bain

Former Obama administration car czar Steve Rattner fires back against Mitt Romney in an op-ed piece in the New York Times. Rattner says Romney’s claims of job creation are the result of “foolishly reweaving history” while President Obama has struck the right tone regarding Bain. Rattner concludes - as Obama does - that “adding jobs was never Mitt Romney’s private sector agenda, and it’s appropriate to question his ability to do so.” Steve Rattner joins us tonight on Hardball.


Meanwhile the Romney campaign is out with a new video that tries to make it seem as though President Obama is using Bain as a distraction from more fundamental problems with the economy.


Where are all the Obama surrogates? Which members of his cabinet are out there touting his message? We haven’t heard much, but Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is quietly pushing the Obama record to business and community groups around the country. But don’t call it stumping.


If you get the sense that there’s renewed optimism among Republicans about Mitt Romney’s chances of winning in November, you may be on to something. Politico reports that the GOP establishment - long skeptical about Romney’s odds - is now realizing he could win.


Politico is reporting that Republicans are trying to target Vice President Joe Biden, hoping the veep says something damaging to President Obama’s re-election campaign. Seems like if all their efforts net is a stumble here or there, it’s a waste of time that – as some Democrats say – won’t change a single vote.


And a new Gallup poll finds the number of Americans that describe themselves as “pro-choice” has dropped to a record-low level.