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The Bain Scrutiny:

The Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s role at Bain Capital have plenty of pitfalls for the president, and may strain the Democratic Party’s relationship with Wall Street. But does being a businessman mean you’ll be a good president? Check out what Roger Simon has to say about that.


What is private equity, anyway? The New York Times tries to explain how it works.


We saw Mitt Romney up six in Florida in yesterday’s Quinnipiac poll … but today our new NBC News/Marist poll finds a very different story. And President Obama is leading in Ohio and Virginia, too. And Democrats are leading in the Senate races in those states, too.


Newt plays Hardball: Special guest Newt Gingrich joins Chris on Hardball tonight. That will be must-see TV.


Charles Blow of The New York Times digs into our NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll to find troubling trends for the GOP.


Voters in Massachusetts don’t seem to be swayed by the claims and counter-claims about Elizabeth Warren’s heritage.


Finally, check out this amazing photo of a young boy patting President Obama on the head.


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