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Ronald Reagan & Today’s GOP

Today’s Republicans love to talk about Ronald Reagan, but could Reagan lead a party that has moved so far to the right? Jeb Bush doesn’t think so. After all, Reagan compromised with Democrats on issues like taxes and foreign policy and compromise is a dirty word to today’s Republicans. We’ll debate it tonight on Hardball, but you can follow the debate this morning on The New York Times  and Politico.


President Obama has a six-point lead in Pennsylvania, a must-win state for him.


Facing huge amounts of Dirty, Angry Money from conservative groups, Politico reports that Democratic groups are teaming up to fight back against the right-wing attack machine.


Today is the election in Arizona to fill the remainder of Gabrielle Giffords’ term in Congress. Polls show Democrat Ron Barber - a former Giffords aide - with a convincing lead.


Build Baby Build! We’ll have an exclusive report and brand new analysis tonight on Hardball about the number of jobs Republicans are holding up by not passing the Transportation bill. Here’s a hint: If Congress was serious about jobs, they could put a ton of people back to work and rebuild America’s infrastructure in the process. Instead, House Republicans have a plan that would actually kill jobs. We’ll have the numbers tonight.