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Greece Is the Word:

Markets breathed a sigh of relief – at least initially – in response to the Greek elections, in which the center-right party that favors staying with the Euro won in Sunday’s voting. But that relief gave way by mid-day in Asia and Europe, and we’ll be watching what happens on Wall Street today.


Politico writes about how Pres. Obama has energized the Latino vote based on what they say might be his most controversial flexing of the administration’s power. No doubt the change in policy was a blatant play for Latino voters, and new polling suggests it may be working. And what’s more, Mitt Romney may be in a corner politically as a result.


King of Maine:

The Senate’s balance of power may hang on a man who has yet to announce which party he’ll caucus with if he wins his election. And a new poll shows Maine’s Angus King is well in control in his race.


The defense in the Jerry Sandusky trial may start its case today. Is their only good legal move to put Sandusky himself on the stand?


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