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Faster and More Furious

House Republicans who yesterday voted to recommend holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress may bite off more than they can chew. Politico writes about the considerable political risks of their actions, especially considering the laser-guided focus Mitt Romney wants to put on the economy.


More Doom and Gloom, Please: Mitt Romney’s campaign had to tell Florida governor Rick Scott to tone down his optimistic economic message because it conflicts with the message Romney’s trying to send – the the nation is suffering under President Obama’s economic policies.


And what’s going on in Florida? A new Quinnipiac poll shows a ten-point swing in Pres. Obama’s direction: He’s now up four in the same poll that had Romney up six just last month.


Whoops! There aren’t a lot of Republicans in Massachusetts, but those that are there should at least know how to spell the name of their state. Read what happened when Republicans looking to form a Super PAC made an egregious spelling error.


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