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“No Spiking the Ball” - House Speaker John Boehner says there will be no celebration if the Supreme Court overturns health care reform. But not everyone got the message. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock in Indiana already released a video – which he has since pulled down – lauding the Supreme Court for ditching President Obama’s health care law.


In a predictable show of disrespect, House Oversight and Government Reform committee chairman Darrell Issa – the hyper-partisan whose witch hunt against President Obama and Attorney General Holder over the Bush administration’s failed “Fast and Furious” operation has driven the parties to the brink – joked about not being available to take President Obama’s phone call – only he referred to the president as “Barack”.


The Washington Post looks at how under Mitt Romney’s leadership, Bain Capital shipped jobs overseas. This could really hurt Mitt Romney if it takes off.


President Obama talks to NALEO, the Latino elected officials group that Romney spoke to yesterday. He’ll no doubt get a better reception than Romney did yesterday.


Buzz Bissinger joins us tonight as we await a verdict in the Sandusky trial.


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