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After Thursday’s Supreme Court victory on health care, Democrats are feeling a lot better about President Obama’s chances in November. The New York Times takes a look at how the Obama campaign’s relentless attack on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital is doing damage to the challenger and shaping this race. Still, it’s the first week of July, a time many Americans are on vacation (including Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney), but no doubt the President is in better shape now than just a few weeks ago.


The criticism by conservatives against Chief Justice John Roberts for siding with the majority to uphold health care reform is getting louder. Did he take the stand he did for political reasons? And did he flip?


Republicans are running with the only ball they have – branding health care reform a ‘tax’. White House chief of staff Jack Lew fought back against that argument. And he also called for an end to the debate over the president’s signature legislative achievement. It sure seems like the Obama team isn’t planning on campaigning on their Supreme Court victory.


A blockbuster in the Penn State Scandal:

Emails suggest Joe Paterno may have played a role in keeping silent the accusations against Jerry Sandusky, allowing him to continue to victimize young boys.


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