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The Roberts Rebound?

Politico reports that liberals are worried Chief Justice John Roberts has - with his decision to uphold health care - shielded the Supreme Court from charges of partisanship. And that gives Roberts a free hand to rule on a long list of controversial cases dear to the hearts of conservatives.


Could Republicans repeal health care? Since the Supreme Court calls it a tax, they’d only need 51 votes to repeal it - or part of it - if Mitt Romney wins the presidency.


A new Pew Poll shows widespread confusion over the Supreme Court’s ruling on health care. Meanwhile a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 56% of Americans want critics of health care reform to drop their efforts to block it and move on.


President Obama hits the trail this week on a bus tour through Pennsylvania and Ohio. His campaign is calling it the “Betting on America” tour and it will take him to Maumee, Sandusky and Parma in Ohio and wrap up Friday in Pittsburgh. It’s OK to be spending time in Pennsylvania in July, but if Obama’s still campaigning there deep into Autumn, his campaign may be in trouble.


CPAC’s 13-year-old “Boy Wonder” is now a liberal.


Politico ranks the top Senate races as they stand right now.


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