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Outing an ‘Outsourcer’

President Obama and his allies are an an all-out push to force Mitt Romney to disclose his offshore financial holdings. The president himself said Romney should be an “open book.” They’re eager to portray him as wealthy, out of touch, and secretive, and this push ticks all the boxes. And Romney’s bank accounts in Switzerland and other tax havens – while legal – provide a contrast to a president who’s campaigning on the theme “Betting on America”.


I know you are but what am I? In the schoolyard mentality of electoral politics, the Republicans are out with a web video calling President Obama the ‘real outsourcer-in-chief.’


Roger Simon writes about why Americans don’t seem to like Mitt Romney.


Whatever happened to $5-a-gallon gasoline the Republicans and their mouthpieces promised? The New York Times’ Timothy Egan notes that President Obama got the blame when gas prices were soaring, but of course the GOP, Donald Trump and the folks on Fox won’t give him the credit now that they’ve fallen.


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