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Mission Impossible?

Mitt Romney is trying to court African-American voters by speaking today before the NAACP convention in Houston: He’s hoping his jobs message resonates with a demographic that voted 95% for Barack Obama in 2008.


Here’s more evidence the Obama camp’s offensive against Mitt Romney is working in the swing states.


Nationally, a new Quinnipiac poll finds the race in line with other recent polling: Obama by three. Regionally, the race is tightest in the West and the Midwest, according to Gallup.


Obama and Romney trade shots on outsourcing, although according to The New York Times, both sides stretched the truth.


The New York Times examines fiscal health of Maryland and Kansas, and the argument between raising taxes on the wealthy and maintaining spending versus cutting taxes. Maryland, run by Democrats, raised taxes on the wealthy and restored spending on key services, while Kansas, led by Republicans, slashed taxes. Which side has the better argument?


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