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Biden Rebuts Romney

Vice President Joe Biden has been turning up the heat on the campaign trail lately, and today’s speech at the NAACP should be no different. Biden is speaking a day after Mitt Romney told the NAACP he would be a better president for African Americans and was booed by the group for promising to repeal President Obama’s health care reform law.


Conservative hand-wringing over Romney: The New York Times reports on how conservatives are worried that Mitt Romney can’t counterpunch and he is letting the Obama campaign define him before he can do so himself.


The mystery of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.: His office now says he’s in treatment for a “mood disorder”.


Repeal? Sure. Replace? Never: House Republicans voted for the 33rd time to repeal all or part of President Obama’s health care reform law. But they won control of the House promising to repeal and replace the law. So what’s their plan to replace it? Truth is, they don’t have one.


Former FBI director Louis Freeh will release his report on the Penn State sex abuse case today.


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