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Good news for Team Obama: Economic analysts expect growth to pick up through the summer and into the fall. While it might not be a robust recovery, the signs are there for an economic comeback. By the way, a new Pew poll finds voters think Obama will do a better job with the economy than Romney.


Nate Silver says President Obama may be stronger than his approval ratings suggest.


Where are the pictures? Dick Cheney held a fundraiser last night in Wyoming for Mitt Romney, but the Romney campaign made sure there were no pictures of the two men together. I wonder what they’re afraid of…


Who’s waging class warfare? Paul Krugman’s column today says the superrich in this country want special treatment. And Mitt Romney’s Republican party is more than willing to give it to them, despite any evidence that cutting taxes on the wealthy helps grow the economy.


There’s a lot of buzz today about Mitt Romney potentially choosing Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Sarah Palin, for one, says it would be “wonderful”. As does Peggy Noonan. But don’t you get the sense that the Romney campaign is just looking to change the subject off the Bain story?


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