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Bain, Bain go away, come again another day. You have the feeling Mitt Romney is going to be singing this tune all the way until November. The latest twist in the Romney tax saga comes from the Huffington Post which caught up with some current and former Bain executives. The executives from the super secretive firm spoke anonymously of course, but intimated that Romney never would have run for president if he thought he would be forced to release his tax returns. Strong stuff.

Now the question turns to what exactly Mitt is hiding in those returns? Joshua Green of Bloomberg Businessweek picked the brain of some private equity executives and took a stab at answering that elusive question. Green writes that “most intriguing scenario that emerged” was maybe Romney paid NO federal taxes in 2009 following the financial collapse. Interesting.

All of the negative press doesn’t seem to be hurting Romney in the critical swing state of Virginia, where a newly released Quinnipiac poll has Mitt tied with President Obama 44-44. In addition, a new New York Times/CBS poll has Romney leading the president, 47-46. It is the first time that poll has given Romney a numeric edge since he became the presumptive Republican nominee.

Meanwhile, President Obama makes his way down to the Sunshine State today, where he will hold campaign events in Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. As Obama tries to add to his war chest, Maggie Haberman and Emily Schultheis on Politico ask: where are the Democratic super donors? Calling Mr. Soros. Calling Mr. Buffet. 

In the aftermath of the Syrian rebel suicide bombing in Damascus yesterday, David Ignatius in the Washington Post examined the timeline that led up to the successful attack.

And finally, a treat on Hardball tonight as Jeff Daniels, the star of the new HBO hit show “The Newsroom”, joins Chris to talk TV and surely politics. You don’t want to miss that interview.


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