Let Me Start…


Pres. Obama spent Sunday in Aurora, Colorado, meeting survivors and loved ones of those killed in Friday’s shooting rampage. The massacre has once again ignited the debate over gun control in this country, even as the White House says there will be no new push for new gun restrictions.


Mitt Romney is heading to England, Poland and Israel: The New York Times ticks off the pitfalls and the rewards for presidential candidates who make overseas trips during the campaign.


Politico picks up on Gallup’s polling which puts Pres. Obama’s approval rating in line with George W. Bush’s at this time in his presidency, and makes the comparison between 2012 and 2004.


Penn State braces for tough sanctions from the NCAA in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Meanwhile, the statue of Joe Paterno has been taken down.


Michele Bachmann’s no stranger to saying controversial or off-the-wall things, but accusing fellow member Rep. Keith Ellison and State Department aide Huma Abedin of being tied to the Muslim Brotherhood was a step too far for some of those who have defended her in the past.


Monday Morning Must Read: Zell Miller says he’s still not a fan of Chris Matthews. Relive the great 2004 Matthews-Miller interview (in which Zell challenged Chris to a duel) here and here.