Let Me Start…


The Choice:

In his newest ad, President Obama speaks directly to the camera to explain the choice facing voters this fall. It’s a compelling pitch and a clear distinction of the key difference between the president and Mitt Romney. The Obama campaign says it will run the ad in nine battleground states.


Making the ad’s point: Senate Republicans are pushing ahead with a plan that would lower taxes on the wealthy while raising them on the poor and middle classes. Sounds like they’re making the president’s case for him. Can they really argue the Obama-era tax cuts on the working and middle classes were meant to be temporary but the Bush-era tax cuts on the rich were not?


Politico writes about the “hidden Mitt Romney” and points out that Romney’s biggest weakness is… Mitt Romney. They write that Romney’s “self-imposed paralysis on biographical messaging” hurts him as a candidate and instead of running on his own record - in business, as governor, as a man of faith - he’s taking the calculated risk to make the election a referendum on President Obama.


The return of “appeasement”: Politico’s Mike Allen previews Mitt Romney’s foreign policy attack on President Obama, and it goes right back to that familiar and tired Republican refrain: President Obama has appeased our enemies. Seems like the Obama campaign has a ready answer to that old line, and it’s right here.


It’s never too early… Public Policy Polling previews the 2016 Iowa caucuses and finds - no surprise - Hillary Clinton the big winner.