Let Me Start…


The New York Times takes a look at the battle for Ohio – a must-win state carried by every Republican who won the presidency in the nation’s history. Romney’s campaigning there with a new intensity.


Nate Silver crunches the polling numbers – including that Pew poll showing Romney up four nationally – and concludes that President Obama is in better shape than you’d think and Romney’s post-debate bounce is actually already receding.


Matt Bai looks at what might happen to the Republican party if Mitt Romney loses.


“Let Mitt be Mitt”: Politico looks at “the Romney rebellion” – how the Romney family pushed back against the campaign and for a more moderate message for the GOP nominee.


The Obama campaign is hitting back against Romney’s foreign policy address yesterday.


The biggest surprise in the Senate races may be in Arizona, where former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona came out of nowhere and is in a dead heat against Republican Jeff Flake. Carmona joins us tonight on Hardball.


In Virginia, George Allen struggled to answer a question about abortion and personhood in a debate with Tim Kaine last night.


Bill Clinton is headed out on the campaign trail across the country. President Obama may need him now more than ever.