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Let the Games Begin:

The Olympics start today in London, and the pro-Obama super pac Priorities USA is taking on Mitt Romney in a sarcastic, Olympic-themed campaign ad that ticks off all the countries where Romney has shipped jobs or socked away money.


Mitt Romney lands in England this morning for the first stop on his much-ballyhooed foreign trip.


Talk about a Typo: House Republicans draft legislation that would prevent any significant regulations on some businesses until the “employment rate” drops below 6%. They meant to say the unemployment rate.  In other words, under their plan, unemployment would have to hit 94% for their law to take effect. Our question: Why didn’t Democrats just keep their mouths closed and go along with it until it became law?


The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake says that with her latest outrageous comments about Muslim Americans, Michele Bachmann finally jumped the shark.


Olympic coverage today on msnbc means you can only watch Hardball at 7pm ET. So for those who normally catch us at 5 ET, stick around a couple of hours and join us at 7.


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Let Me Start...