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Akin It Worse

President Obama keeps the Todd Akin story alive by saying he “somehow missed science class.” This is a story that won’t go away: It will dominate the headlines heading into next week’s Republican convention, and it may even overshadow the convention itself, barring major news. Mitt Romney needs to do something to refocus the campaign… fast.


Akin’s remarks have become a dominant issue in the most-watched Senate race in the country – the one between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.


Akin still has a chance to beat Claire McCaskill – albeit a slim chance.


President Obama still leads in a trio of key swing states: Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin. And while Ryan’s addition may have narrowed the president’s lead in his home state, he also brings baggage. The poll finds that Medicare is now the third-most important issue to voters in those states – and President Obama has the clear advantage on that issue.


Here comes Big Bill…

Bill Clinton has cut a new ad for the Obama campaign, trying to sway the middle class to stick with the president.


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