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Can President Obama and the Democrats make the case for his re-election amid the struggling economy? That will be the biggest question of this week, as the Democratic Party gathers in Charlotte to re-nominate President Obama and Vice President Biden. David Axelrod gave us a preview of what the President might say – that America is in a “better position” than it was four years ago. Will it work?


The convention’s keynote speaker is unknown on the national stage, but San Antonio mayor Julian Castro is young, up-and-coming, and not unlike the keynoter 8 years ago… Barack Obama.


Jodi Kantor of The New York Times calls President Obama the ‘competitor in chief’.


Paul Ryan admits he misstated the time it took him to run a marathon, which wouldn’t ordinarily be a big deal except for the fact that Ryan distorted the truth repeatedly in his convention speech last week.


Americans didn’t really like Mitt Romney’s convention speech.


New polling shows tight races in both convention states – Florida and North Carolina.


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