Let Me Start…


What we’re watching this morning:

Michele Bachmann launches today. The Minnesota Congresswoman, fresh off a surprisingly high finish in the first Iowa Poll, will officially enter the presidential race from her home town of Waterloo, Iowa. Will Bachmann be the anti-Romney the Republican right is so desperately looking for?




More 2012:

The Iowa Poll was bad for Tim Pawlenty, who is at 6 percent despite putting a lot of energy into the state. But consider this: Mike Huckabee won the 2008 Iowa Caucuses despite being at 4 percent in the poll at this point in the campaign. Hard work pays off.



New York’s passage of marriage equality doubles the number of Americans eligible for same-sex marriage. And gay rights activists hope New York’s bold step will push other states to follow. It’s also catapulted Governor Andrew Cuomo to the top of the 2016 buzz list.




Back in Washington, President Obama is about to get into the deficit talks. He’s meeting today with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, just days after House Republican leader Eric Cantor bailed out of the talks. Cantor walked because he said Democrats wanted to keep tax increases on the table, but Nancy Pelosi scores it differently and says Cantor can’t handle the truth…



Meanwhile the Tea Party is planning its own debt-reduction strategy commission. Which government programs will be spared and which will get the ax?



And finally, Sarah Palin stepped on Mitt Romney’s toes when he announced in New Hampshire. Is she about to do the same to Michele Bachmann?