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Here’s what we’re watching today:

Let Me Start...

General Election Preview? President Obama and Mitt Romney will both be in Pennsylvania today. The President is fundraising in Philadelphia while Romney talks outside a shuttered factory in Allentown. The factory - the Allentown Metal Works - was visited by the president in 2009 when he was touting the stimulus. It’s all part of Romney’s plan to counter President Obama’s schedule and look like the nominee.  http://bit.ly/iBrwVk


But Romney’s not sending the message of financial dominance he had hoped to send. He failed to reach $20 million in fundraising for the second quarter. And while that total bests the rest of the field, it falls short of his mark in the period after he announced his candidacy four years ago in 2007. http://on.wsj.com/kGUcdo 


Meanwhile former President Bill Clinton weighs in on the Republican field and says he can understand why Michele Bachmann is doing so well. 



Ryan Plan Redux: With their success in the message war against the Ryan plan to end Medicare, Democrats are giving it another go – this time attacking another Republican plan that would allow Americans to opt out of Social Security. From Politico’s Morning Score: “The DCCC is launching robo-calls against 14 Republican members of Congress on the issue, tying them to “Republican leaders’ scheme to gamble the Social Security that seniors worked a lifetime to earn,” and warning: “One bad market could wipe out years of savings, putting generations of retirees at risk.”


President Obama moved closer to embracing same-sex marriage last night. He hosted a gay pride event at the White House and inched closer to – but stopped short of – endorsing gay marriage. He said “I think we’re moving in a direction of greater equality and — and I think that’s a good thing.” http://nyti.ms/mNXA8u