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Here’s what we’re watching today:

President Obama and congressional leaders will meet today at the White House to tackle the debt, and the president is going for a much bolder plan than he has in the past. He’s calling for trillions in cuts and has put major changes to Medicare and Social Security on the table if Republicans agree to increase tax revenues. It’s a big step but it’s a compromise that will likely alienate people on both extremes – the anti-tax Tea Party Republicans and progressives who have vowed to defend entitlement programs. The big question: In a time when compromise seems to be a dirty word, will this be the starting point towards a deal? We’ll know more after today’s meeting.

http://wapo.st/n16AHa, http://nyti.ms/nGctB3

Fox vs. Media Matters! Fox is going after Media Matters and its tax exempt status, arguing that it’s a political organization. Couldn’t Media Matters make the same argument against Fox? What a fight! http://politi.co/oXpolV

2012 – Mitt Romney’s subpar fundraising effort is raising fears among Republicans that they just won’t be able to keep pace with the Obama money machine. Granted, winning a campaign is about a lot more than money, but it’s telling that Romney has fallen short of the pace he set during his run four years ago.

Politico’s Morning Score was first with the news that Michele Bachmann is up with a new ad in Iowa. It’s an upbeat, biographical piece and in it she vows never to raise the debt ceiling. Watch the ad here: http://bit.ly/pIB5ey

Tim Pawlenty campaign co-chairman Vin Weber apologized for saying that Bachmann’s rise is in part due to her “sex appeal.” That’s just something that shouldn’t be said. Pawlenty distanced himself from the comments. http://nyti.ms/n7Yzaj


Finally, today’s the day Casey Anthony could be a free woman. A Florida judge will sentence her today for the four misdemeanors she was convicted of – and she could get out on time served. Plus more reverberations from the stunning verdict earlier in the week – jurors talk of being “sick to our stomachs” for deciding to acquit. We’ll be watching what happens today. http://yhoo.it/pewcLi


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