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Obama the Centrist: President Obama has positioned himself in the middle and above the fray in an attempt to look like the grown-up in the budget talks. He’s championing the boldest plan on the table and telling both sides to eat their peas and get the deal done. It may be smart policy, but is it smart politics? The president may be alienating his progressive base, he’s certainly annoying the Tea Party right, but will his triangulation work among the Independents he needs to win re-election? http://nyti.ms/nYduOf http://nyti.ms/pUMJtW


Our other big question tonight: Are Republicans more afraid of the economy falling apart, or are they more afraid of the Tea Party, and losing their own jobs? 


The Republicans have charged the President with waging class warfare. Dee Dee Myers tears apart their argument in Politico.


Michele Bachmann is under fire over her husband’s clinic that promises to cure gays of homosexuality. Dr. Marcus Bachmann runs a “crisis” clinic that tries to “cure” gays by reading the bible and praying to God. What does this say about the Republican party, and how far to the right it has moved? http://politi.co/nXlCqc


In other 2012 news, former Congressman Alan Grayson – the outspoken champion of liberal causes – says he’s running again. 


We continue to watch the News of the World scandal. How deep does it go?


Finally, former First Lady Betty Ford is memorialized at a funeral service in southern California today. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter are all attending.



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