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Happy Monday… Here’s what’s out there this morning:


Still no deal, but both sides in the debt fight are confident that America won’t go into default. From the outside, it’s hard to believe that, especially now that House Republicans are turning hard right and offering a bill that Politico calls “remarkable for its total absence of compromise at this late date” two weeks before the August 2 deadline. Meanwhile the New York Times reports that freshman Republicans say the debt concerns them more than their own re-elections (would you expect them to say anything different?) and Times columnist Ross Douthat writes about how – by their refusal to compromise and lack of an endgame – turned a winning hand into a losing one. We’ll have all the latest wrangling on the debt battle, and its political ramifications, at the top of the show tonight.



Rick Perry says he’ll decide whether to run for president in the next two to three weeks. But more interestingly, he says he feels he’s been “called to run”. It would be hard for him to back away from a statement like that, wouldn’t it? Expect Perry to get in the race.


Michele Bachmann is feeling the heat from gay rights groups.


Flirting with a presidential run of his own, Rudy Giuliani tells fellow Republicans to stay out of the issue of same-sex marriage.


The Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal:

Murdoch, his son James, and ousted top lieutenant Rebekah Brooks will all testify before Britain’s Parliament tomorrow. Prime Minister David Cameron will address Parliament on the scandal that threatens to destroy the Murdoch empire Wednesday.


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