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Violence in Libya kills U.S. Envoy

American ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three of his staff members were killed after an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. The New York Times reports it’s the first death of an American envoy abroad in more than two decades.


Mitt Romney has launched a political attack against the president over the attacks in Libya and Egypt that killed an American ambassador.


Bill Clinton’s back on the campaign trail today in Orlando, after stumping for President Obama last night in Miami.


And signaling that Wisconsin may be in play, the Obama campaign is going up with ads there tomorrow.


Meanwhile Paul Ryan is advertising in his Congressional district in Wisconsin, a sign he’s not entirely confident that he and Mitt Romney will win in November.


New polling shows a Senate seat the Republicans probably assumed was safe is now a dead heat.


Finally, Sarah Palin is advising Mitt Romney to start hitting Pres. Obama with personal attacks, calling him names like “socialist” and “incompetent.”


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