Let Me Start…


Good morning.

Boehner’s Big Test… Today, the House of Representatives will vote on Speaker Boehner’s debt reduction plan. It’s a big test for Boehner, who’s been hard at work behind the scenes trying to get his caucus in line. Democrats say the whole exercise is futile – Boehner’s plan doesn’t have the votes to pass the Senate, where Harry Reid’s plan has gained momentum. The two plans aren’t all that far apart – the biggest difference is Boehner wants another round of deficit negotiations next year – an election year – before the debt ceiling can be raised again, while Reid’s plan raises it enough to get us through 2012. Here’s the latest on the stalemate, Boehner’s struggle and the similarities of the two plans.


Republican Civil War? Staffers at the Republican Study Group were caught trying to drum up support from conservative groups to pressure Republican lawmakers to vote against the Boehner plan. Guess who will soon be out of a job?



Don’t You Forget About Me… Sarah Palin is back in the news – she will keynote a Tea Party rally in Iowa over Labor Day, prompting a whole new round of that tired game “Will She or Won’t She?”


But Palin’s not as strong as Perry… A new Gallup poll finds that Rick Perry would begin with 18 percent of Republican support if he throws his hat in the ring. Palin is a bit further down the list at 15 percent.


You’ve been Rick-rolled! Finally, the White House had a little fun via Twitter when it Rick-rolled a self-described tech enthusiast who complained that yesterday’s White House Twitter session wasn’t as fun as Tuesday’s. Read all about it here.