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Good Friday Morning.

We begin this morning by looking at House Speaker John Boehner’s big failure last night to hold a vote on his budget plan. He never had the votes, and the Tea Party wing of his party has proven especially difficult for him to corral. So what did we learn? If House Republicans can’t pass the Boehner plan, they clearly won’t be able to pass any plan to its left, unless it can be made attractive to a significant number of Democrats. That could mean something more akin to the Senate plan Senate Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have been working on – which would allow President Obama to raise the debt ceiling next year – an election year – unless 2/3 of Congress overrides it.


After three days of behind closed doors, we’ll see President Obama today. He’ll talk to the press – but he’s not expected to talk about the budget battle. Instead, he’ll be crowing about how the auto industry is going along with his calls for higher fuel efficiency.


The message war: Both sides are trying to position themselves as the grownups in the budget fight. Conservative groups have been on the airwaves in key battleground states, and now progressives are up with their own ad. Watch it here: http://youtu.be/IlymbVqXXV0


Finally, Jon Huntsmann wants you to know that he’s not a flat-earther. He says that being a conservationist is conservative, and that science should drive our policy discussions about climate change. No wonder he’s not catching on among Republican voters. He is, however, a rock star among Chinese tourists: http://bit.ly/psBkrQ 


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Let Me Start...