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Now that the debt ceiling fight is in the rear view – at least for now – Washington can move on to the next battle. And it already has one – the stalemate over the Federal Aviation Authority. According to The New York Times, “Senate negotiators tried and failed on Tuesday to end a stalemate over temporary financing for the Federal Aviation Administration, leaving 4,000 agency employees out of work and relying on airport safety inspectors to continue working without pay.” The Obama administration says airline safety is not being compromised.


The debt fight drove President Obama to a low point in the polls, and the CW is that his hopes for re-election have taken a major hit. With 15 months to go before election day, the president is pivoting in a big way to jobs. He needs to bring that unemployment number down, and he needs to win back the Scranton to Oshkosh corridor – those aging, industrial states from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. That’s his mission starting today. He starts with a fundraiser/50th birthday bash in Chicago followed by a bus tour of the upper Midwest. This is the real start of the president’s re-election campaign.


One kernel of news that is certainly worth noting: The White House announced President Obama and the First Lady will attend memorial events on this year’s tenth anniversary at all three sites from the September 11th attacks – The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the crash site in Pennsylvania.


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