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Violence Spreads to Yemen

Protesters tried to storm the U.S. embassy in the Yemeni capital of Sana, following violent demonstrations in Libya and Egypt. Politically, the crisis in the Middle East has triggered one of the most pointed exchanges of the presidential campaign, with President Obama accusing Mitt Romney of having the tendency to shoot first and aim later.


One note in the New York Times article on Romney’s response: That Romney statement that came out late Tuesday night was approved by the candidate himself. This wasn’t some rogue campaign statement that Romney had to standby – this is what he really thinks, or at least really thinks he’s supposed to think.


Decision 2012

Another national poll gives President Obama a bounce: This time it’s the Fox News poll which shows Obama at 48% and Romney at 43%.


More potential bad news for Romney: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is now on the ballot in 47 states.


Ballot Blocks

Florida will return more than two thousand voters to the voting rolls after they were mistakenly purged. Meanwhile the state identified far fewer non-citizens on the voter rolls than it expected to find.


The Supreme Court in Pennsylvania takes up that state’s strict voter photo ID law.


Finally, Lorne Michaels previews the political parody season ahead on SNL.


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